Sunday, November 9, 2008

My first shopping trip

I will join the food stamp challenge on my own, living in a family with 4 others who don't participate. It will be interesting to live in the middle of abundance of food without being allowed to eat it. 

I will participate only for the first four days: Monday - Thursday. On Friday morning I go on a trip to New York with my son. This trip is a present to him, and it seemed that this trip would be less enjoyable for him if I continued the food stamp challenge while traveling with him.

I did my first shopping trip today, and spent $13.94 out of the $23.38 that I can spend over the next four days. I bought oats, rice, lentils, black beans, tofu, and some fruit and vegetables. I found the oats, rice, and lentils to be cheap at Wholefoods because I could buy just the quantity that I need. I plan to live on some of my favorite foods. I love cooked oats for breakfast, and rice, lentils, and beans for lunch and dinner. I also bought tea, because I am addicted to strong tea. The tea and the rice were the two most expensive items.

Tilman Borgers

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