Monday, November 10, 2008

Shopping trip!

Hello there! I went grocery shopping at Meijer for the week. Apparently, variety is not your friend. I attempted to stay fairly healthy rather than live off ez-mac for the week.

14oz Cheerios $3.00
Lactaid lactose-free milk (intolerant!) $3.99
Skippy peanut butter $2.99
loaf of bread $1.59
butter $1.50
2 pears $1.16
2 apples $0.99
orange juice $3.00
green pepper $0.66
green beans $0.81
green onions $0.50
rotelle pasta $1.16
macaroni pasta $1.40
pasta sauce $1.59
vegetable oil $1.95
groceries total: $26.29

We almost always have free lunches (usually pizza) at school, but I'm trying to avoid taking advantage of those this week. I also get a refill cup of coffee every morning on my way to class, and I just found out (only took me two months!) that it's only $.50 in the snack bar instead of $1.25 in the lounge, so I'm adding in $2.50 for the week. That takes me to $28.79 total, with $.56 to spend on... gum? Or an extra cuppa joe.

- grace

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