Thursday, November 13, 2008

Struggling, but Surviving

Hi all,

I just figured out how to post, but I'm also on day four of the challenge. I saw that other people bought their groceries at once, so I tried to do the same with less success. See, in my home (which I am the only one doing the challenge,) my girlfriend usually makes the grocery list if we are buying to eat for an extended period of time. Since I shopped on my on, I kinda panicked and bought some canned veggies (corn, spinach,) fruit (peaches, fruit cocktail,) spaghetti stuff and rice-a-roni type deals. When I was done shopping, I went over by like 50 cents, because of a discrepancy over a sale. Anyways, I have run into two problems: first, I'm vegan, so it is difficult for me to get enough protein without getting my soy products (didn't think about tofu at the time.) Two, I bought two rice dinners (red beans and rice and black eyed peas and rice) that had beef and chicken fat in them (which I didn't see at first.) So, I had to swap those dinners out with enough ramen noodle packages so that the money would be equal. I'm definitely not eating as well as I'm used to, but I think I can make it alright until Sunday. Although I have always been aware of the struggle that welfare recipients go through, but it's really hard to be a vegan and be on this budget.

Is it just me, or has everyone been invited to an unbelievable amount of lunches, dinners and have been offered more food than ever before? Or maybe it's my hunger talking....

~Jason Smith

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