Monday, November 10, 2008

Thank God Kroger had a ton of items on sale this week!! Well that and coupons. So I bought some yogurt for the week. Luckily with my coupon I got $1 off so that came to $2.50. Some kiwi for the for my yogurt to add some flavor $1.00. Then I got some turkey bacon which was 2.99. Like I said luckily this week Kroger had a tight sale if you bought ten of these selected items you got them for like dollar so I took the liberty to stock up. so i got a ton of Stoffers entrees 5 to be exact for $7.50 of course i mixed it up with the paninis, flat breads, and mac and cheese, rigitoni with chicken, etc. But to maintain being healthy I got 2 healthy choice steamers for $4.00. I had one for dinner tonight and let me tell you that thing only had 3 pieces of meat. I was highly upset. Any who I also got scalloped potatoes for $1.50, cheerios for $1.50, a bag of these rice cake things for a whopping $.50, milk for $1.39, an enchilada kit for $2.00 and by then I could only afford some frozen chicken for $4.42 bringing my total to $29.3o. So my plan is simple breakfast yogurt and turkey bacon, lunch cereal on the days when i can go back to my room otherwise I'll have to heat up one of my tv dinners to take with me. For dinner my enchilada kit with chicken for one night. Use the leftovers for one of my lunches. With the remaining chicken cook that and the scalloped potatoes. As a snack I have my rice cake things. So hopefully this gets me through.


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